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Kirron Kher said she would get son a ‘petrol pump’ if he didn’t know how to act | Bollywood


Sikander Kher, who is the son of actors Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher, talked about his journey in the Hindi film industry. In a new conversation on Siddharth Kannan on his YouTube channel, the actor shared how it is his mother Kirron Kher who had told him that she would have opened a petrol pump for him if he was not able to act well. (Also read: Kangana Ranaut shares Oppenheimer pic, thinks he had the appearance of ‘typical rishi, munis’)

Kirron Kher with son Sikander Kher.
Kirron Kher with son Sikander Kher.

What Sikander said about mom Kirron Kher

In the new interview, Sikander said, “People were always nice to me, bolte the ki ‘achcha kaam kiya hai (You have done good work),’ halanki (although) it is not necessary that I would believe them. I still don’t believe them. I only believe what I hear at home from my mother who is very honest with me. Unhone mujhe kaha tha ek samay ki, ‘Tujhe acting aati hain. Jo kar rahe ho bas lage raho. Warna tere liye kahi na kahi petrol pump khol lete (You know how to act. Do what you do and keep at it. She had once told me that she would have opened a petrol pump if that was not the case)!’ She said that if you didn’t know how to act we would have told you. She said that you have it so just be at it.”

Sikander on asking for work

Sikander also added that he used to text a lot of people in the industry and ask for work. “Many times I would message and not get a reply, even though I knew that person well. I never felt anything because they must be busy only. You never know what’s going on in another person’s head so the next day again I will message and then I would wait for one week and then again if I didn’t get a reply I would wait for a month. I don’t want to irritate the other person also.”

Sikandar made his film debut with Woodstock Villa in 2008. He was also seen in films like Monica O My Darling and web shows like TVF Pitchers, Tooth Pari: When Love Bites and Aarya. He will be next seen in Hollywood movie Monkey Man, starring Dev Patel in the lead.

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