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GTA 6 trailer gets over 59m views in 12 hours, here’s what you may have missed


Rockstar Games released the first trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 today. In less than 10 hours of its release, the trailer garnered more than 56 million views. The sixth game of the GTA franchise is slated for a 2025 release across various consoles including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Its previous version, GTA 5 was released over a decade ago in 2013. As fans await the sixth version, here’s a breakdown of the 90-second trailer:

GTA 6 offers realistic landscapes and a real-life atmosphere
GTA 6 offers realistic landscapes and a real-life atmosphere

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First female protagonist in GTA series

The main character of GTA 6 is Lucia, who is an ex-convict. She makes her debut alongside an unnamed male character, who seems to be her partner-in-crime. In the trailer, when Lucia is asked about the reason why she’s in prison, she gives a bold reply, “Bad luck, I guess.”

This is the first time in the entire GTA series that Rockstar Games has introduced a female protagonist. Although official character details are yet to be announced, Lucia’s heritage is Latin American as per Dexerto, which directly connects her with the Miami-based storyline.

Based in Vice City-inspired Miami

The GTA 6 trailer opens with hyperrealistic graphics featuring beautiful scenes in Vice City-inspired Miami. The trailer is filled with vibrant skies, beautiful beaches, and abundant flora and fauna- palm trees and flamingos. Miami skyline is beautifully depicted with tall buildings on a lavish island similar to the Venetian Islands in Florida.

Luxury vehicles

Although previous GTA games have featured cars similar to those in real life, GTA 6 takes it to the next level. The attention to detail is the key factor here. In the first few seconds of the trailer, a custom green Chrysler 300 and a Rolls Royce Cullinan can be seen. Gamers are expecting that players will be able to customise the cars. Other expensive luxury cars featured in the trailer include Porsche 911, Ferrari, Lamborghini Aventador, and more.

NPCs’ social media presence

In the trailer, NPCs can be seen having a huge social media presence just like today’s scenario across the world. Throughout the clip, characters can be seen engaging in various social media-related activities like texting, vogging, live streaming, and more. The mind-blowing details add a real-life touch to the game as livestreams are featured with live comments and reactions similar to Instagram and TikTok lives.

Body type inclusivity

In previous editions of GTA, though the characters were unique, the sixth game of the franchise has given importance to body positivity. By the first look at the game, it appears that almost all NPCs are unique and have individual bodies. Fans have lauded Rockstar Games for not discriminating against any particular body type.

A fan wrote on YouTube, “The thing that stuck out the most for me is the npc’s and the many body types they have captured with them. It’s gonna might this game sooo real to life. CAN’T wait!!!!” Another commented, “The trailer felt so alive and the atmosphere is so realistic. I can’t wait to get this game!!”




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