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Tamannaah Bhatia’s fan breaches security to meet her. Watch how she stayed calm


A video has gone viral in which Tamannaah Bhatia is seen leaving an event in Kerala, when an enthusiastic fan tried to jump at her in order to greet her. The security at the event promptly pulled him back, before Tamannaah calmed him down, offered to shake his hands and posed for a selfie with him. (Also Read: Vijay Varma told Tamannaah Bhatia that news about her ‘ 2 crore diamond ring’ upset him: ‘I messaged her…’)

A Tamannaah Bhatia jumped over barricades to meet her.
A Tamannaah Bhatia jumped over barricades to meet her.

What actually happened

In a video that’s now doing the rounds on social media, Tamannaah is seen gracing an event in Kerala. She’s seen wearing a green sari and pink blouse with heavy embroidery on borders, along with heavy jewellery. Tamanaah is seen waving at her fans, accompanied by heavy security, while exiting the aisle that has hoards of fans on both sides.

A fan then jumps over the barricade onto the aisle. He offers a handshake to Tamannaah. While the actor happily obliges, the security pulls the fan back, much to Tamannaah’s surprise. She then explains the fan’s eagerness to the security, calms him down and resumes the handshake. She then calmly and gracefully poses for a selfie with the fan, before bidding him goodbye and walking ahead.

Response to Tamanaah’s gesture

Tamannaah’s sweet gesture not only got a loud applause from the live audience, but also got her a lot of praise on social media. A Twitter user commented on the video, “The way she handled the situation (in-love emoji) She is soo sweet and grounded person.” Another wrote, “Tamannah is a humble person.”

Another internet user pointed out how this sets a dangerous precedent. They wrote, “What he did is too disgraceful and inappropriate, though his reactions were as though he did a heroic deed. Its the actress’s kindness which saved him. The organizers too is to be blamed here for letting something of this sort to happen.” Another user supported the argument, “Security should handle the situation better. She walks to those places trusting no acts from those crazy people.. everybody can watch her from little far away.. why cant he? It is true that.. she is an actress and people watch their movies and make them success…. but their is alot of dedication behind it.. why their is no Mohanlal? Mammotty? Because of their their dedication and love to their work.. so does Thamana..”

Tamannaah Bhatia will next be seen in Nelson’s Tamil black comedy action film Jailer, opposite Rajinikanth.





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